Pianocraftsman will provide you with either a verbal or written appraisal upon request. Whether you're considering rebuilding or selling your piano or are looking to purchase a new one, Pianocraftsman will provide you with a comprehensive assessment that will enable you to make an informed decision.

Very often people fail to request an appraisal before purchasing a piano and, ultimately, end up with a "lemon." You should always be wary of "free" pianos. The "free" piano usually costs $250 to move, a fee to tune it from a technician who deems it untunable, and then a $250-$500 disposal fee. Suddenly the "free" piano ends up costing $800. You can avoid this situation by calling an RPT and requesting an appraisal prior to purchasing.

Paul has helped many people avoid this potential expense. Through education and recommendations, Paul has provided clients better, cost-effective alternatives when selecting and purchasing a piano.

Paul highly recommends The Piano Book by Larry Fine to anyone interested in purchasing a piano. The Piano Book is a resourceful publication that was written to educate the consumer on all aspects of buying and owning a piano. It provides a comprehensive look at how pianos work and what to look for in a used or new piano. It also rates most pianos that are available on the market today. Information is compiled over the years from field technicians, analyzed and then summarized to assist in the buyer's decision. Visit to order your copy today.