Tuning is the service you will require most often on your piano. Most manufacturers and technicians recommend that you have your piano tuned at least twice a year (every six months) to maintain accurate pitch and sound as well as tuning stability.

Repairs vary in scope and complexity. Pianocraftsman can satisfy all your piano repair needs from a broken hammer or string to a failed pinblock.

Regulation refers to making adjustments to your piano's action (moveable parts) for optimal performance.

Humidity control
Just as a window or drawer may stick in the summer time or have failing glue joints, so do changes in humidity affect your piano that is made primarily out of wood. This affects all aspects of your piano's operations.

Although rebuilding a piano may seem expensive, it may be an attractive, cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new piano.

Pianocraftsman provides both written and verbal appraisals of the condition, value, and estimated costs for purchasing, repairing or rebuilding used pianos.