A modern piano is made up of more than 10,000 parts that are highly susceptible to changes from environmental factors. The piano's action (moveable parts) goes through thousands of repetitions every time the piano is played and subjected to many different stresses. Therefore, repairs are not uncommon.

A malfunction could be caused by something as simple as an object falling into the piano or could be as complex as replacing a pinblock and restringing. Every situation is different and requires an accurate assessment followed by a customized repair plan that should be executed by a highly qualified technician.

The "sticking key" the most common repair. There are literally dozens of causes for this problem and, more often than not, this problem can be rectified during a tuning appointment.

With older pianos, as parts fatigue and become brittle, there can be catastrophic failures like a broken hammer shank. A more gradual failure and common repair is worn hammer heads. If the hammer heads are not too badly worn, they can be filed down to provide a new even strike surface thus providing improved tone.

There are many other problems that occur with an aging piano including broken strings, malfunctioning pedals, dampers in need of regulation or various cosmetic repairs such as chips on old ivory key tops. Replacing old ivory key tops with new plastic keys is an attractive, cost-effective repair to your family's favorite piano.

Voicing, considered "the final step" in piano preparation, concerns a piano's hammers. Because the tone changes as the felt hammer heads wear, periodic voicing of the hammers may be necessary so that your piano will have an even, full tone through the entire scale and produce the widest possible dynamic range. If a client finds the tone too bright, harsh, too soft or mellow, the hammers can be adjusted to better suit the pianist's taste.


When it comes to needed repairs, Pianocraftsman always strives to educate you, the piano owner, throughout the entire process. As a highly-qualified and skilled technician, Paul will complete the repair by using the best materials available and ensure the best possible performance for your piano.